Vision and Mission

Vision Statement of the RPNC

"Optimal Mental Health for All People of Canada"

Mission Statement of the RPNC

The RPNC exists to provide leadership for the profession of psychiatric nursing by:

  • Working collaboratively on regulatory issues in the public interest;
  • Achieving common standards in education, registration and practice; and
  • Being a voice, nationally and internationally, for excellence in the profession.


  • To develop National Entry Level Competencies (36 months)
  • To develop a new National Registration Exam (30 months)
  • To review and revise the Mutual Endorsement Agreement (9-12 months)
  • To participate in the planning for the development of a National Nursing Assessment Service
  • To update the profession's Competency Profile
  • To establish national standards, criteria and processes for psychiatric nursing education programs in Canada
  • To support the regulation of Registered Psychiatric Nurses across Canada
  • To maintain Currency of Practice Documents
  • To maintain an international forum for knowledge sharing/transfer (RPNC World Congress)
  • To explore the Concepts of Advanced Practice in Psychiatric Nursing
  • To ensure ongoing harmonization of practice issues (Code of Ethics, Standards, etc...)
  • To build and sustain relationships helpful to RPNC goals